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Dr. Manohar Joshi

FounderDr Manohar Joshi

Dr. Manohar Joshi, a leader and a legend whose rise from humble beginnings has inspired scores of Indians, founded the Kohinoor Group in 1961. As he grew in stature from Mayor of Mumbai to Speaker of Lok Sabha and dedicated himself to public service, he strengthened the pillars of the Kohinoor business before handing over the Group’s reins to his son Unmesh Joshi. Keeping up with the achievements of the Founder has been a daunting task for the Group, but has nevertheless been the key inspiration for all.

Unmesh Joshi

Chairman and Managing DirectorUnmesh Joshi

Unmesh Joshi, Architect, Entrepreneur and Educationist. Qualified as a full-fledged architect, Unmesh Joshi has achieved rapid recognition as a sound entrepreneur - straddling Real Estate, Education, Hospitality and Healthcare - with steadily growing investments in each of the sectors over the last two decades. An ardent believer in Indian values and traditions, Unmesh Joshi balances the sensibilities of being a deep-rooted family man with the demands of a business empire stretching across India - buttressed by international partnerships from across the globe. If Kohinoor’s founder strengthened the Kohinoor business pillars, Unmesh Joshi led the Kohinoor team to take those pillars to towering heights, with the strong belief that sky is never the limit, and one can keep rising higher and higher.


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